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[Sentinel] Part One - Discovery

note: to those directed by cody...READ THE PROLOGUE FIRST


A cry for help coming from the river echoed off the moonlit trees. My clan was instantly on its feet, ready to help…or fight. Was it a trap?

“I’ll go,” Fleetshadow called, “sounds like a cub.” I watched as his black pelt disappear into the underbrush surrounding the clearing we camped in, reappearing a few heartbeats later with a brown-furred, brown-eyed cub hanging from his teeth. Its eyes wide with confusion and fear, the cub stared about the suddenly silent and tense camp. Then, one by one, the wolves relaxed and settled back down. Only our Alpha, Silverpelt, and Fleetshadow remained standing. Gently, Fleetshadow set the cub down and sat.

“Where do you come from, little one?” Silverpelt asked. Moonlight shone on his silver fur, lighting it aglow.

“I—I d’know. All I rememb’r is a box.” As soon as the cub spoke, it was clear she’d rarely had any contact with others of her kind. Her voice cracked slightly, meaning she’d barely used her voice, and she stumbled over some words, showing that she’d barely talked as well. “B—But b’fore that, I remember being given funny-smell’n food…” A low growl arose from the surrounding wolves; so she’d been drugged.

“Do you know your name?” Silverpelt asked.

“No…” The cub hung her head unhappily.

“Would you like to join the pack?” Mutters arose from the pack. I wondered what Silverpelt planned to do with this orphan. Her tail tip twitched, as if she was getting impatient.

“O-Okay…” Silverpelt stepped forwards and licked the top of her head.

“Then I, Silverpelt, Alpha of the Sharpfang clan, hereby name you Lostheart.” He looked around. “Who would like to teach Lostheart the clan’s way of life?” Impulse seized me, and I raised my voice.

“I will.” Lostheart raised her head to stare at me. What I saw nearly made me jump.

For a moment, Lostheart’s almond brown eyes had glowed ice blue.

I shook off the feeling of impending danger, telling myself it was only a trick from the moonlight. The little cub got up and padded over to me. From her size, she must have only been a few winters old.

“I’m Granitefur.” I murmured. “I’ll start teaching you the basics tomorrow. It’s almost moonhigh, so you should sleep.” Lostheart nodded, but she merely sat down and stared skywards. For awhile, I watched her gaze at the moon. How many times had she seen it? Was this her first experience outside? I wondered what she was thinking. From her expression, she was thousands of pawsteps away. Slowly, I dozed off, but not before hearing the rival clan howling mournfully in the distance.


Jie Wei said...

Ohh, I see... It isn't the same story as the girl with the crown, guess that ones ov'r :D

This new story is also pretty good, but isn't as attractive as the last one...

Woot first comment, hahaaa...

Keep writing !!!

Cool we actually got to the 7 comments in like a day, keep it up :D Soon karen, you'll have to start making a lot of new stories... Expand on these two and try to sell it... they are great; HAhahaaa

Bear cub with a pack of wolves. Wolves Thought -> [om nom nom] haha jk

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Leon Chen said...

Teehee Jiewei is a fatty. Anyways, ummm its interesting. But lyk first person point of view is always a little shaky foar me. I dunno why. I liked it. Sorry, I only read a little bit. My comp has this buggy virus and i'm typing extremely quickly so i don't freeze. kthxbai

Ohh one moar thing. Hmmm your story. It's taking a different turn. Remember my stories? They were all thge same, tied into one idea. Don't be a leon :P


Jie Wei said...

OMG It's Leon, Haii pixy. :D hahaaaa I Am Not A Fatty. Haha Buggy Comp, very funny. Good thing i'm not a leon. hahaaaa Aww this doesn't count as a 3rd post, 5 more to go... VOTE And I will be happy :D


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@JieWeis 1st comment.

Isnt it a wolf cub? or is it actually a bear. im confused now o.o.

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Ignore jiewei, he's just a cat.
Wolf cub.

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omg your so good at this. do you have any other storys we could comment to?

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ehh im commenting cuz cody made me ._.
but honestly, your really good at writing and now im trying to get others to comment :P

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nice! :D
cant wait for more! keep writing XD

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omg your awesome.
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anyways, your story is really great. your names and this blogs name is really cool too. go awesome imagination.