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[Sentinel] Prologue

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“Are you sure, Dawn?” Toby’s voice was thick with worry. Dawn turned away, avoiding her cousin’s gaze.

“I must. As the leader and protector, it is my duty. Don’t tell anyone else. They have a pureblood as well.” Toby remained silent, and Dawn wished she could tell him. But the risk was far too high.

“Very well.” He finally said. “Be safe.”


Cody said...

lol could be longer. you could descibe how the characters look and stuff. <--- that makes it relative.

give me 3 sentences to read eh? thanks for taking my mind off boredom for around 5 seconds :P

yayitsdiana<3 said...

it was very interesting :]
a good prologue, not too long that makes it not interesting anymore
i also like how the font makes the story really dramatic and your details are really specific. :]

you should be in writing for publication, its so cool :]

Jie Wei said...

Haha! I just figured out how to comment. :D This story is great! You should publish it as like some random short story. This last bunch of quotes is a little random, and is kinda hard to understand. >.< So, I voted 'Meh' Don't hate me for tat! hehe

Cookies FTW and HAH :D

I wonder what would happen if there was more than 7 comments.

Objective Failure on lines 'error'.
Declarative has reached outside possible solution, you are officially in dept Karen :D

Haii Diana :P nice studying. he he

Is this a valid post Karen? No responding 'Meh' hahaaa

Should I accept Fangfei's cookies? she baked some, and wants to give me a bunch... :o it's like SANTA.

I'm really bored, my brain is refusing to study for finals.

Hehe, Jiewei Likes Casey's method, study, sleep 5 min, study sleep 5 min.

Hahaha Longest Post. for now :D

Diana I am dumb.

Jiewei Wrote This.

P.S. I am probably going to get kicked tomorrow. Karen, don't kick me. Pweezzz D:

Lucia said...

IT's good.
But liek i said before,

Zarah Endwithabang said...

wonder who these people are..
werewolves, perphaps? :3
I commented. be happy.

Leon Chen said...

fantasy after fantasy after fantasy haahaha


Anonymous said...

oh wow suspenseful in like 10 sentences. add moar :3. and why did i automatically think of vampires?

La fille en verte said...

i <3 this prologue. reminds me of hp w/ all the pureblood stuffs. suspense :O. just post the next part already. xD i'll be a good child and comment.

spinnercat said...

this comment is relative