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“Tell me, girl, what’s your name?” The man said to the struggling bundle he carried on his bag. The bundle continued to struggle silently. “Girl! You belong to me now. Tell me your name.”

“I don’t belong to anyone.” The bundle retorted. The man stopped only to open a door. Once he’d entered the building and locked the door behind him, he threw down the bundle and took out a sparkling circlet.

“Here, as a token of our partnership, I give you this. It’s an alloy of silver and gold, embedded with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts, any jewel you could think of.” He shook the trembling girl out of the bag, a girl of maybe fifteen, and presented her the crown. It shone in the moonlight, enticing her to accept the gift. Suspiciously, she snatched the crown from the man’s hands and put it on her head.

Suddenly, she stopped trembling. All feelings of suspicion and hate on her face vanished, replaced by a blank stare. The man smiled.

“Girl. What is your name?”

“Alexa.” She responded tonelessly.

“Alright, Alexa, from now on, never, ever take off the circlet, and protect it by all means. I am your master, and you will obey my orders.”

“Yes, master.” The man chuckled.

“Finally, the island shall be mine…”

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Leon Chen said...

:] gj & gl

Grazz said...

you'd be able to write something
but this is sounding really cliche/corny Dx